Why moisturize?


(Tosin, visits XB in her house)

Tosin: Good afternoon. Ẹ kúùlé ooo 

XB: Good afternoon Tosin. Ẹ káàbọ̀

XB: It has been a long while. You just forgot somebody. Congratulations on your promotion at work. 

Tosin: Thank you. My new role demands a lot of my time. I am busy and stressed. It is not easy being an operations manager.

XB: Do you still work for the multinational company?

Tosin: No, I switched companies. The company I work for currently is a multinational too. 

XB: Oh, Okay

XB: Omo, this job is not easy. No wonder it has been difficult to reach you. Wale has been looking for you. 

Tosin: Wale? Ehenhen, I will call him.

Tosin: How are you doing? How’s work going?

XB: Everything is going fine. Still working relentlessly on ẹwàderm cosmetics

Tosin: How is it coming?

XB: We will launch a new product line soon

Tosin: Don’t forget to invite me to your launch party

XB: Hanhan, how will I forget to invite my padi. Ko o possible. 

Tosin: Now, that we are on the topic of skin care, my skin feels dry and tight, Sometimes, I also feel itchy. 

Tosin: And I know that you deal with dry skin. What do you advise, I do?

XB: Well, I will share with you, my most important dry skin care tip 

XB: Always be moisturized. 

Tosin: Please, explain further. Why moisturization is your most important skin care tip

XB: As a Xero Beauty, with dry skin, moisturization is a critical process for me, in my skin care routine. I benefit a lot when I use moisturizers on my face and body. Some of the benefits and importance of moisturizers include:

  • My skin doesn’t look white throughout the day when I use moisturizers. And during harmattan, this is super important, because moisturizers keep me from looking like a ghost.
  • My skin doesn’t itch or scratch when i use moisturizers
  • My skin doesn’t feel tight when i use moisturizers
  • In addition, my skin feels soft to touch, my #pov.
  • Also, my skin looks bright and smooth to touch
  • Overall, I feel confident every time i step out and beautiful when I dress up. 

Tosin: Then, I don’t think I am using a good moisturizer

XB: Why do you say so? 

Tosin: I don’t experience all these benefits. My skin still feels dry, itchy, and tight

XB: May I know the name of the moisturizer you are using?

Tosin: I can’t remember clearly. I’ll have to call Sade, my younger sister. 

XB: Okay, do you remember any of the ingredients in the moisturizer?

Tosin: Uhmmm…. Let me think….Uhmmm….

Tosin: Yes, I remember some ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid and Olive oil 

XB: These ingredients are good for dry skin. Hyaluronic acid acts as a humectant while Olive oil acts as an occlusive. Your skin should be less dry, tight, and itchy by now

Tosin: What does occlusive, and humectant mean?

XB: Okay. I will explain further

XB: An occlusive is an oily ingredient that moisturizes the skin by preventing trans epidermal water loss (TEWL). Occlusives only work while present on the skin. When removed, the trans epidermal water loss (TEWL) returns. Examples of occlusives include petroleum jelly, mineral oil, olive oil, lanolin, sunflower oil, grapeseed oil and so on. Occlusives are one of the best choices to treat dry skin due to their soothing/softening effect (emollient) on the skin and reducing TEWL from the skin. While a humectant is a ….

Tosin: Sorry to interrupt, but please can you explain moisturization and possibly, trans epidermal water loss?

XB: Okay, I would explain moisturization and TEWL, but let me complete my explanation on humectants. Can I proceed?

Tosin: yes, yes, you can. 

XB: Thanks: So, as I was explaining, a humectant is a water-soluble substance that moisturizes the skin by attracting water from the atmosphere into the skin. This effect is possible if the amount of water vapor in the air is high (that is, the outside atmospheric humidity is greater than 80%). However, when the water vapor in the air is low (humidity), humectants work by drawing water from deep within the skin out, hence leaving the skin dry. As a result, humectants work better when used with occlusives. Examples of humectants include glycerin, urea, sodium hyaluronate, hyaluronic acid, lecithin, alpha hydroxy acids and so on

XB; Now, moving on to your questions, I will start with TEWL. 

XB: Trans epidermal water loss (TEWL) is the water lost from the surface of the skin through evaporation, into the atmosphere. This is different from sweat. TEWL happens passively, while sweating happens actively (that is, as a result of a strenuous physical activity/exercise, heat, fear or fever). In healthy skin, there is a direct relationship between TEWL and skin hydration (that is, the quantity of water lost via TEWL is replaced, to keep the skin hydrated). 

XB: Now, for people with dry skin, there is an inverse relationship between TEWL and skin hydration (that is, the amount of water lost via TEWL, is not replaced in the skin), hence making the skin become dehydrated and dry over a period. 

XB: Getting to the last part of your question, Tosin, moisturization can be defined as the process of keeping the skin hydrated always. This can be achieved using humectants and occlusives in combo. 

XB: So, therefore moisturization is important for your dry skin and an important skin care routine, especially, for we Africans that live in a hot/tropical environment. 

Tosin: Thank you. So, you mean that both occlusives and humectants keep the skin moisturized, but they work better when used in combo?

XB: Yes. The sole aim of a moisturizer is to keep the skin hydrated always. 

Tosin: So, why is my skin still dry?

XB: I don’t know. You seem to be using a good moisturizer

XB: You should see a dermatologist, to know if there is an underlying skin condition

Tosin: Okay

XB: Hope it doesn’t itch so much?

Tosin: It does itch sometimes. I try not to scratch it too much.

XB: Please, don’t scratch your skin. If, by mistake, you start bleeding because of scratching, it can lead to a skin infection. And we don’t want that. 

Tosin: Okay, I’ve heard. I will try to see a dermatologist. And I will let you know the outcome. 

(Tosin’s mobile phone rings, and she picks up her call)

Tosin: Omo, I must go home now. I need to sort out some office issues

XB: Now? Bimbo is on her way with the foodstuffs. 

Tosin: Jọ máa bínú. I must be on my way now. I promise to join you next time. 

XB; Okay oo. Ó dá bo. See you soon.

Tosin:Ó ṣe, ọ̀rẹ́ mi. 

(Tosin enters her car, and zooms off)

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